Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The world has gone yellow!!!!!

The king of fruits has made its arrival and i am like,'Finally!'.Its been nearly a month since they are here(by 'here' i mean India),but as i hadn't started my blog,i was unable to post it.If you still what i mean by "The king of fruits" or the colour "yellow" then you are completely mad(Oh!all right i am joking!).It means the mangoes!The yummy,sun-coloured yellow,sweet and absolutely luring type of flavour.They are finally here(actually its month since they came into the market).But still,there is still some excitement left for mangoes,after all they grow only once in a year.India is gripped with the flavour of mangoes.The world has gone completely yellow,wherever you see its mangoes and more mangoes everywhere!
 Wow!Thats looking extremely yum,isn't it?But,the reason for my post on these yummy mangoes is not because of their yumminess nor rarity.The real reason lies in their ripening.Most of you may know what i mean by the 'ripening of mangoes'.The mangoes are ripened using a chemical called calcium carbide(I had to google its find the name),which is extremely hazardous to health.I hope you guys are eating the naturally ripened ones.Though there has been a ban from the Department of Health after they received complaints from the people who became ill after eating the artificially ripened mangoes,the vendors who saw that the demand has increased,started using the banned chemical.

 Well,I think that will do.I mean enough of the serious talk,let me tell you what joys the fruit brought along with it.I drank one extremely delicious glass of juice of the most sweetest mango.I have taken some pics,so that you can enjoy it too!

 I hope the yellow season brought joys to you too,if so comment below.But,i forgot the best part of it all,what i enjoy most is to keep the mangoes the mangoes in the hay to ripen it naturally,which is the best way to it as far as i know.
Mangoes ripening(please exclude the fact that they are actually ripened)  naturally
Well thats all for today,gotto get going,have loads of assignment!
P.S:Enjoy the yellow season!

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