Thursday, 28 June 2012

Sisterly Love!

                       An elder sister is the one who rescues you when you are down in the dumps!Love them.
                        Let sisters be loved everywhere,they don't stay forever!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Hi Guys,
        How are you today?I am a little bit confused,can you help me out?I was travelling today and as there was nothing to do and i suffer from motion sickness,I had to close my eyes and try to get my mind off the feeling i was getting.I was going over some random thoughts and suddenly it struck me,i am this tiny person in this big world.If you don't get what i am telling then i must tell you that i felt like i was this tiny ant which crawls the earth.I am no more than it.I am just a small,extremely small being in this huge,HUGE world.I donno,but i am just saying that you might have also gone through this totally weird phase second when you have thought that you are totally insignificant.Well,thats the feeling i got.
But,the main thing i want to tell you is not about the my feelings nor that i felt insignificant(Well, a little bit related to this itself).Anyway,as i was thinking about how small i am in this world,i suddenly remembered that there are some people who are very famous,they are not like a black dot in this world.They are actors,politicians,scientists,pop stars,extremely rich people,huge business makers etc.They are the kinda big people in this world who have influence on us,the 'ants'(Just kidding!).But what i figured is every single thing in this world has its use.For example,the ants who appear to be working day and night,just don't 'appear' to be working,they really do work:
  • Ant nests allow air to get into the soil.
  • Some ants eat harmful insects.
  • Plant eating ants help the environment by consuming unwanted plants.
  • Ants enrich the soil when they process their food.
  • They can help recycle decomposing materials.
So,its obvious that nature must have also appointed us to do some work.But,as we are the dominant creatures,so according to me,nature must have given a different work for each one of us.All these years,we have been gaining education,so that we can lead a civilized life.Is leading civilized life merely the purpose of this single life that we are given?Do we just have to just try to live our life to the fullest and do what it takes to make this life meaningful?Is that the sole aim of our life?I am a bit confused,the questions that i am asking seem to give me the answer that that's the purpose of my life.But,i want to disagree,what do you think?Are the actors there just to entertain us?What about the people who are poor and are dying in debt,hunger and loneliness?Are they not human enough to be entertained?If you ask me,this post is not about the purpose of life at all.I think it matches my feelings right now,I am extremely confused!

Friday, 22 June 2012

Happy Weekend!

     This weekend I want to go here:

And do this:

Have a gr8 week ahead!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Book Love.Love

Andrew Clements.Know him?Good if you know him,but anyway i am going to introduce him.I came to know him(not exactly) from his first award winning book 'Frindle'.

After reading this book i literally fell in love with his style of writing and brought 3 more of his books(The School Story,The Report card and Lunch Money) .But after reading those i have got bored of the same concept he had used in every single of those books
Loved these books ,but didn't fall in love with them as i had after reading Harry Potter,which was one of the first novels i read.And thanks to J.K.Rowling,i began to love reading.For the first time when i discovered the joy of reading,i was enthralled  by the power a good book holds for its readers.I found out that by reading a book,you forget all your troubles.If this happens to you,then thumbs up!:)
And these books that i have written about are the books that give you the feeling that you have been transported to a completely different world where troubles and sadness simply don't exist.What awesome meaning is there in some book is what i can't express.The author just writes down his feeling on the paper and you read,its a beautiful experience.But,beware!Not all the books are up to that standard,i mean every book has its own use and meaning,but the book you would like would be the one which has your interests in it.Even then there are some books that make you feel good after reading them even if you have no interest in the topic of the book.Its crazy.I know.But,its unlikely that you will like the book that you will like the book that your friend loves.Oh!well i am straying away from the point i wanted to make.I want to scream to the world,"I Love Books".But i think  the pleasure is more if you write rather than  read,don't you.When you write and let your imagination flow,its so good!I feel so happy after starting this blog.But,the truth is i don't like writing in a computer,it takes away all the fun writing holds.I will start writing on the paper and then to the computer soon.i hope you enjoy reading books too.If so then i will tell you the best way to read a book:just lock yourself in your room and read and read,make sure that nobody is there to interrupt your peaceful,'Me and Book' time.It sure is very annoying when you are in the middle of the most captivating part in your book or whatsoever when you are reading a book and all someone does is acknowledge you.When this happens,usually i give that person such a look(with some exceptions) that he/she will just disappear.Some people may just look on giving the reader the impression that they are like a couple of warts,that stick on.But,honestly just surrendering yourself to the same type of book is 'not exciting',you ought to try some other types of books,its as if you are in an adventure.Well,thats for today,i have lots of assignments and stuff.So,bye.
Something to make you laugh:
      'Fifth year's OWL year,' said George. 
'So you've got your exams coming up, haven't you? They'll be keeping your noses so hard to that grindstone they'll be rubbed raw,' said Fred with satisfaction. 
'Half our year had minor breakdowns coming up to OWLs,' said George happily. 'Tears and tantrums… Patricia Stimpson kept coming over faint…' 
'Kenneth Towler came out in boils, d' you remember?' said Fred reminiscently. 
'That's 'cause you put Bulbadox powder in his pyjamas,' said George? 
'Oh, yeah,' said Fred, grinning. 'I'd forgotten… hard to keep track sometimes, isn't it?' 

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The world has gone yellow!!!!!

The king of fruits has made its arrival and i am like,'Finally!'.Its been nearly a month since they are here(by 'here' i mean India),but as i hadn't started my blog,i was unable to post it.If you still what i mean by "The king of fruits" or the colour "yellow" then you are completely mad(Oh!all right i am joking!).It means the mangoes!The yummy,sun-coloured yellow,sweet and absolutely luring type of flavour.They are finally here(actually its month since they came into the market).But still,there is still some excitement left for mangoes,after all they grow only once in a year.India is gripped with the flavour of mangoes.The world has gone completely yellow,wherever you see its mangoes and more mangoes everywhere!
 Wow!Thats looking extremely yum,isn't it?But,the reason for my post on these yummy mangoes is not because of their yumminess nor rarity.The real reason lies in their ripening.Most of you may know what i mean by the 'ripening of mangoes'.The mangoes are ripened using a chemical called calcium carbide(I had to google its find the name),which is extremely hazardous to health.I hope you guys are eating the naturally ripened ones.Though there has been a ban from the Department of Health after they received complaints from the people who became ill after eating the artificially ripened mangoes,the vendors who saw that the demand has increased,started using the banned chemical.

 Well,I think that will do.I mean enough of the serious talk,let me tell you what joys the fruit brought along with it.I drank one extremely delicious glass of juice of the most sweetest mango.I have taken some pics,so that you can enjoy it too!

 I hope the yellow season brought joys to you too,if so comment below.But,i forgot the best part of it all,what i enjoy most is to keep the mangoes the mangoes in the hay to ripen it naturally,which is the best way to it as far as i know.
Mangoes ripening(please exclude the fact that they are actually ripened)  naturally
Well thats all for today,gotto get going,have loads of assignment!
P.S:Enjoy the yellow season!

Monday, 11 June 2012

Late night,droopy eyes...

Hi guys,Its late in the night.Well,not too late but late.i donno why but i felt like posting right now.I didn't have an option (infact i did have an option, its just an excuse to avoid sleeping) so i sat down to write.But seriously i have nothing interesting to write,just dumb stuff.But,i could also give you a big lecture on poverty,world hunger,diseases and stuff,but i am not in the mood.So,i just wanted to update on the things i would be doing in my further posts.They will include DIY,pages from my journal,book reviews or simply an update on things from the school.I hope you are interested in reading the stuff i mentioned.
                Well,see you guys,i am getting extremely sleepy(i woke up at 4!),will keep on posting hopefully.I really want you guys to comment,just so that i know that people are reading what i write or else it would be extremely boring to write to a silent audience.So,well thats it,i am yawning!( i hope i didn't set you guys yawning too,you know its contagious!)
                    A HUGE SMILE FOR MY GOODBYE:)

Tuesday, 5 June 2012


      As my last post was totally boring,i will try to liven up things.As you have read above,its all about being happy.I mean what makes you really happy?It could be anything from a small happy thoughts to big present that made you extremely happy.Even small things can make a human happy,like for instance a very cold day in which you became cozy in your bed and ate ice-cream(Try it sometimes).
Happiness is choice.if you choose to be happy,happiness will find you and will become attached to you. Anyway,i will tell you what happened on the way to the school today.I was sitting with my hands on my lap,my fingers linked with each other and trying to remember what the last part of the question of my forthcoming test was.I was unable to concentrate as a large truck had come in the way of my vehicle and the driver of my vehicle was honking continuously(Seriously i don't understand why people honk when there's something in their way which is stuck or something,they can't possibly be thinking that it will transport itself to somewhere!).As my vehicle had stopped i stared outside gloomily.Then suddenly in a petty shop,i saw a couple of kids trying to find out what the racket was about by craning their necks to see past the counter they were standing behind the counter,i saw that it was a small girl and a boy,i looked at the boy and caught his eye and suddenly i had this urge to smile at him,i didn't know why,i just felt like i had to smile at him and suddenly without a split second thought(i donno if you guys smile at every other kid you see on the street,but i don't.This was something new to me) i smiled:),a wide smile and the reaction was something unexpected,he smiled right back at me,his face full of innocence was shining like a full moon.My heart leapt and the happiness i felt was inexpressible,thinking of it just now makes me happy once again.
Well,you guys,i hope you agree with me and say happiness is a choice.O.K see you guys later,don't forget to leave the comments!
Lots of love,

Monday, 4 June 2012

Getting used to it.

Hallo guys!
            In spite of the lively greeting,my first post of my first blog ever will be a bit sad and full of emotions.I decided to keep the name 'Smile' for my blog so that people would try make others smile and not smile themselves.Hey,why the long faces?Didn't you see the catch?Well,I will tell you,making others smile would make you smile.Haven't you ever that 'When you smile,the world will smile along with you,but FART you are alone'.
        Well,anyway let me tell you about the blog.Its about everything,right from the tiniest unimportant thing like fashion(It may matter to some people,but seriously its literally nothing) to the most important thing which i may say is hunger.But you can tell that hunger is related to poverty,i mean look at it this way is you are poor then you won't have money,in turn no food,no clothes,no home(let alone the safe bed you sleep in everyday).
          You may think that my mind is kinda messed up,because normally people don't blog about fashion+poverty,Its an odd combination.But when you look at the society its a mixture of it.People think about getting embarrassed  by selecting a wrong kind of party dress,but at the same time,some people think of getting themselves warm.Well,then I am going to explore both the people the extremes of both fashion and poverty.
            The law can count everybody as equal,but it simply isn't the same with the society.I hope you like my idea and my blog!
                Keep Smiling:)
                 Yours' always