Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Hi Guys,
        How are you today?I am a little bit confused,can you help me out?I was travelling today and as there was nothing to do and i suffer from motion sickness,I had to close my eyes and try to get my mind off the feeling i was getting.I was going over some random thoughts and suddenly it struck me,i am this tiny person in this big world.If you don't get what i am telling then i must tell you that i felt like i was this tiny ant which crawls the earth.I am no more than it.I am just a small,extremely small being in this huge,HUGE world.I donno,but i am just saying that you might have also gone through this totally weird phase second when you have thought that you are totally insignificant.Well,thats the feeling i got.
But,the main thing i want to tell you is not about the my feelings nor that i felt insignificant(Well, a little bit related to this itself).Anyway,as i was thinking about how small i am in this world,i suddenly remembered that there are some people who are very famous,they are not like a black dot in this world.They are actors,politicians,scientists,pop stars,extremely rich people,huge business makers etc.They are the kinda big people in this world who have influence on us,the 'ants'(Just kidding!).But what i figured is every single thing in this world has its use.For example,the ants who appear to be working day and night,just don't 'appear' to be working,they really do work:
  • Ant nests allow air to get into the soil.
  • Some ants eat harmful insects.
  • Plant eating ants help the environment by consuming unwanted plants.
  • Ants enrich the soil when they process their food.
  • They can help recycle decomposing materials.
So,its obvious that nature must have also appointed us to do some work.But,as we are the dominant creatures,so according to me,nature must have given a different work for each one of us.All these years,we have been gaining education,so that we can lead a civilized life.Is leading civilized life merely the purpose of this single life that we are given?Do we just have to just try to live our life to the fullest and do what it takes to make this life meaningful?Is that the sole aim of our life?I am a bit confused,the questions that i am asking seem to give me the answer that that's the purpose of my life.But,i want to disagree,what do you think?Are the actors there just to entertain us?What about the people who are poor and are dying in debt,hunger and loneliness?Are they not human enough to be entertained?If you ask me,this post is not about the purpose of life at all.I think it matches my feelings right now,I am extremely confused!

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