Monday, 4 June 2012

Getting used to it.

Hallo guys!
            In spite of the lively greeting,my first post of my first blog ever will be a bit sad and full of emotions.I decided to keep the name 'Smile' for my blog so that people would try make others smile and not smile themselves.Hey,why the long faces?Didn't you see the catch?Well,I will tell you,making others smile would make you smile.Haven't you ever that 'When you smile,the world will smile along with you,but FART you are alone'.
        Well,anyway let me tell you about the blog.Its about everything,right from the tiniest unimportant thing like fashion(It may matter to some people,but seriously its literally nothing) to the most important thing which i may say is hunger.But you can tell that hunger is related to poverty,i mean look at it this way is you are poor then you won't have money,in turn no food,no clothes,no home(let alone the safe bed you sleep in everyday).
          You may think that my mind is kinda messed up,because normally people don't blog about fashion+poverty,Its an odd combination.But when you look at the society its a mixture of it.People think about getting embarrassed  by selecting a wrong kind of party dress,but at the same time,some people think of getting themselves warm.Well,then I am going to explore both the people the extremes of both fashion and poverty.
            The law can count everybody as equal,but it simply isn't the same with the society.I hope you like my idea and my blog!
                Keep Smiling:)
                 Yours' always

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