Tuesday, 5 June 2012


      As my last post was totally boring,i will try to liven up things.As you have read above,its all about being happy.I mean what makes you really happy?It could be anything from a small happy thoughts to big present that made you extremely happy.Even small things can make a human happy,like for instance a very cold day in which you became cozy in your bed and ate ice-cream(Try it sometimes).
Happiness is choice.if you choose to be happy,happiness will find you and will become attached to you. Anyway,i will tell you what happened on the way to the school today.I was sitting with my hands on my lap,my fingers linked with each other and trying to remember what the last part of the question of my forthcoming test was.I was unable to concentrate as a large truck had come in the way of my vehicle and the driver of my vehicle was honking continuously(Seriously i don't understand why people honk when there's something in their way which is stuck or something,they can't possibly be thinking that it will transport itself to somewhere!).As my vehicle had stopped i stared outside gloomily.Then suddenly in a petty shop,i saw a couple of kids trying to find out what the racket was about by craning their necks to see past the counter they were standing behind the counter,i saw that it was a small girl and a boy,i looked at the boy and caught his eye and suddenly i had this urge to smile at him,i didn't know why,i just felt like i had to smile at him and suddenly without a split second thought(i donno if you guys smile at every other kid you see on the street,but i don't.This was something new to me) i smiled:),a wide smile and the reaction was something unexpected,he smiled right back at me,his face full of innocence was shining like a full moon.My heart leapt and the happiness i felt was inexpressible,thinking of it just now makes me happy once again.
Well,you guys,i hope you agree with me and say happiness is a choice.O.K see you guys later,don't forget to leave the comments!
Lots of love,

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