Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Life is mysterious.

 How's it going?I just returned from a trip to Ooty and i am so tired.It was wonderful and i will post some pics later on.So,as i was saying life is mysterious,you don't know what happens when with you,after coming back from the trip,i had a lot to learn,not geography,but people,yeah people,not culture but people.People react so uniquely to different things,everybody is unique,but friends,what if friends act differently,what if they start behaving in a manner that you have never seen before?What if they don't act like how friends should?

 What if they stop doing this?I mean,having them beside you all your life and one day you realize this is not the person whom you loved.Thats not really true,but I am talking about feelings.

This was what my friends  meant to me once,but now i feel empty.

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