Thursday, 9 August 2012


Hi Guys,
          I am really scared..About what?you may ask.I would say everything,i donno what to do with my life.Don't you ever think what happens after you die?Our whole life,we spend it in making mistakes,rectifying them and again doing the same thing,not always.But at some point in your life you have to die,then what will we do about the mistakes in our life,huh?Just correcting the mistakes is not a difficult thing,repenting and feeling guilty about them is the main thing.Don't you feel that we waste our time so much?We are always telling that we are busy,but really are we that busy that every single second of our day is filled with something or the other?I once read that,the person who is really busy won't say he is busy.If this is true,then none of us is really busy.We are spending our life as if we are going to stay in this world forever,which is extremely stupid.We learn something,earn something so that it can be useful to us in the future.In the same way if we look at life,then this whole life is something that we have to earn to make our future good,don't you agree?Do we have spend this whole life to enjoy?Or why is this for?Whats the point of this life?Is it to try and lead our life as luxuriously as possible?Well,that's totally insane.But,take a glance at this world and you will realize that ,that's what everyone is dying for,'MONEY'except for some exceptions.Look at the poor,by poor i mean extremely poor,the people who make their living on the pavements,are they getting their share of this world?We sleep soundly on our beds with the soft mattress on them,while they have to rest their heads on the hard pavements or the roads.Is this what we are for?To spend our money on some extravagant thing while other people get their daily bread through lots of hardships.This is a reality that we all know,but inspite of knowing we don't want to make a change,do you?I mean are you ready to give up half of your wealth to some poor man?You won't even part with a single paisa of your wealth let alone half of it.But,that is not the point,what i want to convey to you is this world is not for luxurious living,i think its insane if this money is what we have to work for all our life.

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